We have a history of producing innovative and highly successful products for the online gaming and sports betting industry.

We combine technical expertise with a deep understanding of gaming and betting, and a genuine enthusiasm for the world of risk. We’re still inventing, still finding new ways to do extraordinary things for the industry, still powering the excitement.


Bildabet launched in the Summer of 2016. It allows customers in retail betting outlets to place bets using a tablet-sized terminal and a prepaid cash card rather than going to the cashier.

The convenience, speed and size of the Bildabet terminal lets retail outlets handle much higher volumes of customers and transactions, especially at peak times. Bildabet reduces stress for staff and customers, and provides customers with a seamless and more exciting experience.

Fingaming’s expertise in handling high transaction volumes in real time is what makes Bildabet so robust, and is why we’re confident it marks the dawn of a new era in retail sports betting.


Gamehub is our comprehensive social gaming solution, delivering maximum versatility and flexibility for both operators and players. It provides:

  • A common integration point for one or more remote game servers
  • Single and multiplayer games from first and third party vendors
  • Multi-platform and multi-channel support
  • Community features and integration of social networks
  • Payment processing for in-app purchases and built-in support for advertising and affiliates
  • Conversion of game winnings to real world prizes
  • A powerful set of tools for managing content, users and game play

Gamehub is an extraordinarily complex product, delivering a beautifully simple and effective solution. This is exactly what Fingaming is all about.

Fingaming RGS

Fingaming’s RGS distributes content from gaming vendors to multiple gaming platform operators. The Fingaming RGS includes:

  • A wallet service
  • Authentication service
  • Fixed odds game engine
  • Depleted pools game engine
  • Random number generator

Our RGS is highly efficient and flexible.